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About Us

Minnesota Mold Inspection is a locally owned company that has been providing mold inspection and testing services for residential and business properties since 2005.  We are not in the mold removal business, so we offer independent assessments with no conflict of interest. 

A restoration company who performs a mold inspection is really there to give you a bid for mold removal. There are some restoration companies with the skills and ethics to properly scope your mold job; there are some without the necessary skills and ethics You might end up doing more work than is necessary.

Without testing, a restoration company cannot let you know if spores have travelled to other areas of the house.  In Florida, laws prevent companies from being both inspectors and remediators due to a potential conflict of interest.  Minnesota has very few mold laws.

An inspection starts with your eyes and your anything changing color?  Is there a musty odor present? Mold is not always obvious. An inspection might involve lifting carpet, moisture testing, pulling back baseboard trim, etc.

We are typically on site for up to 2 hours conducting a full visual inspection, moisture testing, and taking mold samples (3 mold  tests are included in standard pricing).

Mold testing involves taking direct samples from a surface to find out if a discoloration is mold or taking air samples using a special cassette to determine if you have elevated airborne mold spores.

Mold test testing helps answer questions such as do you have to get rid of your carpet?  Do you have to HEPA vacuum and wipe all of the walls in the room?  Is your air quality back to normal after mold has been removed?

If you have mold, we let you know what to do to get rid of it safely and effectively.  You can do this yourself with our guidance, or we can refer you to the best cleaning companies in Minnesota.